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Are you ready for the FPV racing season?

July 15, 2016

FPV Racing Flag, Archer Gate and Ring Gate

They have arrived, our amazing custom designed FPV Racing Flags, Archer Gates and Ring Gates! These products will make you want to start racing even more than you already wanted before.

They are made from high quality digital flag fabric and strong aluminium flagpole. You can assemble them within 5 minutes, secure them with the ground spike mount that comes with it and transport them easily with the light carry bag.

So, what can you do with it? Make an awesome circuit!
Racing Track

Excited? Check them out HERE!

The perfect camera for your slim FPV racer!

July 13, 2016

Runcam swift

You want your FPV racer to be fast, so you chose a slim model. Unfortunately now you have run into a problem, how are you supposed to fit a camera in such a small place?

Worry no more, because the amazing Runcam Swift has come to our shop to save you from your troubles!

This small FPV camera is perfect for FPV racers with little space for cameras, for example the Anakin Club Racer. It is easily installed and gives a good quality image. With its 12 gram weight, it won’t slow you down.

We have it available in Orange and in Black.

Not specifically searching for a small camera, but just a good camera? Check out our Runcam assortiment HERE!

The Sky Hero OB1 is here!

July 8, 2016

Sky Hero OB1

We have been waiting for quite a while now, but it has finally arrived: The Sky Hero OB1!

It’s lighter, faster and stronger: The “single piece” arms based on a full 3K 4mm carbon frame have been cut to respect the CF weave structure and combined with the most impact resistant vertical side plate design, you get great rigidity, strenght and protection for key companents. The 15°>70° adjustable camera angle caters for different pilot profiles and the flexible ESC location (over or under arms) provides a tuned frame for every FPV.

Check out the naked frame editions and the combo’s!