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No reverse engineering,forward thinking- This is the Beam E4

March 5, 2008

If you’re looking for a Heli that is not just a poor clone of an existing design, the new Beam E4 was made just for you.

SO, why the Beam E4?
From the first CAD drawing, Beam engineers set out to design the E4 to be a stand alone design that was not just different, but better than the leading competitor both in design, quality and performance. A no holds barred, no options required approach was declared.

-Beam designers started by developing a wide spaced main frame, rather than the conventional stacked frame layout to reduce parts count and overall weight
-Designers then focused on the Main rotor head, where they developed the all metal head to include High-G 3D thrust bearings and dampeners as standard. There would be no tracking issues here at Beam, regardless of head speed. While they were at it, they added dual ball bearings to all the mixing levers, bringing the total bearing count to 33
-On to the tail rotor where they designed an ingenious 1 piece aluminum tail case for reduced weight and ease of maintenance. Add ball bearing metal tail grips with metal pitch slider and pitch plate, and you have a solid tail for maximized gyro hold
-As the final touch, Beam added their unbreakable landing struts to protect your E4 from the hardest of autos.

So put away your outdated dinosaur 450 and step up to the innovative new Beam E4. We think you’ll be glad you did.


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