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MAH blades

MAH is a  company specializing in carbon fiber helicopter  rotor blades.we are proud to be part of the company and take part in the design and quality control.

complete production is made in europe. and materials used are European origin.

The company was founded by designers with ties to the Russian aerospace industry. They were involved with various composite technology development programs, one of them being related to high efficiency aircraft propulsion systems. Their professional experience and knowledge eventually merged with their interest in the radio control hobby. This brought about the beginning of what has now become a recognized name in the RC Helicopter community. 

As we all know, this hobby has benefited greatly by advances in technology. As the helicopters themselves became more capable, the level of flying also dramatically increased, especially in the 3D arena. More demands were placed on rotor systems, and MAH has continually been on the leading edge of innovation throughout.

MAH manufactures high quality composite rotor blades for radio control helicopters.MAH product line contains blades fitting the most commonly available helicopters – from micros through Large size machines, which mainly made for Military applications , where no tolerance for mistakes is allowed.

MAH is also developing special application rotor blade systems for heavy lift machines, such as camera ships. All MAH rotor blades are matched by center of gravity and overall weight.  


Main Rotor Blade Design

MAH blades have always been well known for their appealing  esthetics. The trademark carbon fiber weave bordered by white gel-coat contributes to both form and function.  Showcasing the black carbon fiber weave is an important finishing design goal.  When static, the blade is quite attractive, yet when in motion the white gel-coat borders create a highly visible blade disc.  This is very important from both an orientation and a safety standpoint.

Latest blades are more colorfull, per market demand, however same quality stays.

MAH blades are designed with an emphasis on 3D and flybarless flight performance.  In order to achieve crisp and responsive flight characteristics the blades must resist span-wise flexing and twisting.  Each blade is created with 6 layers of hand made carbon fiber laminate to satisfy this requirement. The interior structure of MAH main rotor blades consists of six primary components.

  1. Bass wood root / bolt reinforcing insert in blade root
  2. Fixed brass bushing inside bass wood to accept blade bolts
  3. Balsa main spar
  4. Balsa trailing edge spar
  5. Lead weight, impregnated into carbon fiber laminate
  6. Steel wire, attached to blade bolt structure and lead weight

MAH blades incorporate a revolutionary steel safety wire retention system.  This assures a high level of safety in the event of a “structurally compromising impact,” better know as a crash.  The wire substantially lowers the energy of a separated blade tip / lead weight assembly by tying the two structures together.

MAH High Performance Tail Rotor Blades

MAH also offers a complete line of high performance tail rotor blades.  These blades are also hand made from the finest carbon fiber laminates, yielding an extremely rigid and durable tail rotor blade.  These blades were designed to work optimally with today’s high performance tail rotor systems and gyros, providing incredible tail rotor holding authority.

MAH tail rotor blades are currently offered in a wide range of lengths as well as blade root thicknesses.  The finish of the tail rotor blades are with the classic black carbon fiber weave, showcased with the MAH emblem. 

Difference between  MAH  blades series:

G1: are the most common blades. Those blades have constant profile and constant chord. G1 are great for all flyers.

G2-Certain MAH blades feature “dual taper” technology.  The blade’s chord is measured at the root and additionally at the tip.  For example, a 60-48 blade has a 60mm chord at the root and a 48mm chord at the tip.  In addition, the blade also has nominal taper along the airfoil cross section. A thicker airfoil at the root tapers to a thinner airfoil at the blade’s tip. This mean Excellent 3D performance, and Great Autorotation.

3G- are mostly designed for 3d flying and Flybarless helicopters where the CG and weight is important.

4G- are exclusive for Flybarless flying

3G & 4G blades are  delivered in new color  scheme

3G & 4G MAH blades